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Getting Started

Looking for your dream home? At Big T Texas Realty Group, we have a dedicated team to help you every step of the way. Start by checking out our search results of thousands of homes, then let our experienced realtors guide you through the process. With our buyer's guide and support, you can confidently and successfully purchase your new home.

How Much Home Can You Afford

It's a good idea to know what you can afford before you begin looking for your new home.  There are many sources for home loans including banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and mortgage brokers.  We can provide you with several lenders who have proven reliable in previous transactions. 

Your loan officer will work with you to determine more accurately what price range you should consider.  Many lenders will use 28% of your gross monthly income as the maximum allowed for your mortgage payment (principal/interest/taxes/insurance or PITI); for your total monthly debt, the ratio is 36%.  Total monthly expenses means PITI plus long-term debt (such as auto loans) and revolving/credit-card debt.  Do not include other expenses such as groceries, utilities, clothing, tuition, etc., to calculate this ratio. 


Tip: Ask your lender for a pre-approval letter before you begin your home search.  This will make the offer process faster.  

Mortgage Calculator

Use our mortgage calculator to calculate principle, interest, taxes, and insurance to provide you with an accurate monthly payment.  

Calculate a mortgage payment to determine what you can afford

Buying A Home 

Part 1

Home Buyer Programs

We network with several lenders to share with our clients.  The booklet below is an example of some of the available programs which you can discuss with your lender.    

Buyer and Seller guide to Real Estate

Get pre-approved today!

Buying A Home 

Part 2

Search homes for ale in the DFW market

Search Listings

Now you can begin your home search with confidence knowing what mortgage amount will fit in with your budget. 

You will want to decide on an area radius and focus your search for homes meeting your criteria.  Your realtor will be able to provide information on neighborhoods, schools, and area amenities to help you determine an ideal area to begin your search.  

Tip: Decide on an area that makes sense for you.  Think about commute time to work, schools, and area amenities for convenience and cost.  Then focus your search to that specific area.  It is easy to wander but remember what makes sense for you!

Our Realtors

There is no fee working with us to purchase a home.  We have a team of professional Realtors with access to thousands of homes and can provide insight into your home purchase and be your best advocate. 

Selecting a Realtor to work with

Search Listings

Search from thousands of listings with the ability to apply settings meeting your specific criteria.  Our team of realtors will send you additional information and schedule showings.

Search homes for sale in DFW
Search featured homes for sale in DFW

Featured Listings

Submit An Offer

When you are ready to make an offer, you and your realtor will need to draw up a contract with the applicable information. Your realtor will then present this offer to the sellers (or sellers' real estate agent). The sellers may accept, decline or counter the offer.

Tip: Use the market analysis and other information your realtor provides to submit an offer.  This will help ensure you are submitting the best offer possible and may save you time and money!

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Your Realtor will run reports and gather detailed information in order to provide background on potential properties of interest.  We strive to arm you with accurate and actionable information before you submit an offer.  

Buyer and seller home buying process
Working with a title company on your home purchase

Title Company

Escrow Process: Once a purchase agreement is signed by all necessary parties, the agent representing the party who will pay the fee selects an escrow holder and the buyer's earnest deposit and contract are submitted to the escrow holder.  From this point, the escrow holder will follow the mutual written instructions of the buyer and seller, maintaining a neutral stance to ensure that neither party has an unfair advantage over the other.  The escrow holder will also work with the buyer's new lender, the seller's existing lender, and both parties' agents.

Title Insurance: Title insurance provides coverage for certain losses due to defects in the title and insures buyers against the risk that they did not acquire marketable title from the seller.  You will pay for your owner's title policy just once, at the close of escrow.

What is Escrow?

Part 1

What is Escrow?

Part 2

What is Title Insurance?

Types of Title Insurance Policies

Understanding the home closing process

Closing Process

Your lender will provide you with a few disclosures to help you understand the loan costs and settlement services fees. Take time to familiarize yourself with the information detailed on these important forms.

The government requires that you have at least three days to review these forms before you close. Coordinate with your lender if you have any questions about the loan or related fees. Any major changes to the mortgage, like the loan type or the interest rate, will trigger a new set of disclosures and a new three-day waiting period.

Understanding the Closing Process

Closing Forms

Let's take a closer look at the loan estimate and closing disclosure forms.

Loan Estimate

Closing Disclosure

Your New Home

Congratulations on the decision to purchase a new home!  We hope you found this informative.  Our realtors are available to help guide you through this process and make for a seamless transaction.  We are with you every step of the way!

Buyer Guide

Use our online booklet or request a hard copy to reference during the home buying process.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have and refer you to top trusted companies throughout the DFW and surrounding areas.

Buyer and Seller guide to real estate

View Buyer's Guide

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